Shivay’s Parents

Shivay’s Parents

It’s awesome to be a part of Beanstalk group. I am lucky that my child is Beanstalker. I am fully satisfied with the teachers, coordinator and all the staff members including nannies. All are very cooperative

Ayaansh Rana’s Parents

For every parent, I think this is the most difficult decision to take that which school is going to be the best learning school and I am highly obliged and thankful to Beanstalk group that they are handling my boy in such a nice manner. I think this is the best way that every child […]

Ranbir Singh’s Parents

I feel immense pleasure to share my views about this school.My son Ranbir is studying here. During this duration i.e from admission till now, we have noticed several positive changes in him. All the teachers here pay attention and make efforts for the overall personality development of the kid. School tries to inculcate some very […]

Aayansh Dua’s Parents

The behavior of class teacher is satisfying especially home visit. The staff of the school is quite impressive.Everyone is helping us to my son adjusted to school.

Inayat Punj’s Parents

I am highly obliged and overwhelmed by *Beanstalk faculty and environment*. After a big search, I found the most suited place for my child. I am very thankful to all the worthy teachers and nannies too. Thumsup!

Seerat Bharti’s Parents

It feels me so overwhelming and I am so obliged to carry forward in Beanstalk. My child is learning very speedily new things in routine. I am happy with the hard work of teachers they are doing on my child. And hard work on your annual function of this year is appreciable.