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Beanstalk has been awarded Best Preschool in International Education Awards by Times Group

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    About Beanstalk Schools

    Beanstalk is a preschool initiated by JDKS group, a well-known brand of schools in India. Having spent over 10 years in the education industry, we are committed to educate children for life and thus bring a change in society.

    At Beanstalk Early Learning Center, we see the positivity in every child and aim to bring about the best in them.


    All you need to get started

    Investment of 20-35 lacs
    The investment amount varies depending upon the size of the pre-school and the city in which you are present.

    3000 sq.ft (Minimum) Built-Up Area
    This space is needed to house approximately 6 classrooms. An outdoor space of a similar area will also be required.

    Long Term Vision
    Partners must join the franchise network by recognizing that this is a business with sustained returns, provided one has a long-term vision towards the venture.

    Our Support

    Beanstalk Advantages

    Infrastructure & Ambience Design

    We design the pre-school for you, by sharing with you the interior and exterior design, standardized look of the preschool, branding visuals, and logos which help you create an attractive pre-school.

    Furniture & Equipment

    Our team provides child-friendly furniture with rounded edges, customized furniture like children’s tables and chairs, toy cupboards, puppet units, special sofas, children’s library, bag holders, storage units, fun room equipment, reception area, etc.

    Researched Curriculum

    Our Curriculum is established on the basis of research findings by Centre on The Developing Child at Harvard University; which focuses on developing ‘Executive Function Skills’ in young children.

    Teaching Aids

    We share with you the curriculum that teachers must disseminate at your pre-school. We provide daily teaching plans, pre-formatted curriculum, toys to build skills in children, texture painting sets, art & craft kits, sand kits, creative workbooks which help children to learn and develop holistically.

    Financial Assistance

    We are associated with nationalized banks who will provide collateral-free finance if you would like to take a loan to start up your pre-school.

    Teacher Training & Skill Updating

    We help teachers to test their knowledge and refresh their skills periodically through our online teacher training programs. These programs are backed by regular audits which are done to ensure that our teachers remain the best in the business.

    Marketing & Operational Support

    We provide you national-level advertising through print ads and television commercials and help with local area support like outdoor signages, events, and activations.

    Lead Management Support

    At the time of admissions, we provide you Prospective leads who are looking to enroll their children into a Pre-School.

    Business Management Portal

    Easy access to our online system, which helps the franchise partner to manage the day to day operations & track business performance.

    Locations Available

    PAN India