Press Release – Renaming of Kidzee World Karnal to Beanstalk World Preschool, Karnal

We are feeling overwhelmed as to inform you all that we are going to establish a milestone in the history of our experience.

The management always tried to maintain quality and efforts that are being awarded by your love and trust. Consequently the well-wishers and parents brought us another branch that is being known as Kidzee World Karnal and beanstalk Junior School Sector 32 Karnal in 2016. And today is the grand day when after gathering plenty of experience from different countries and researches we are glad to announce that we are establishing ourselves as an independent and international organization by the name of Beanstalk World Preschool Karnal, located at Sec 32-33 Karnal, Haryana, India.

What makes beanstalk preschool the right early year partner for you and your family?

At Beanstalk we understand that selecting a trusted child care provider is one of the most important decisions a new parents makes, you are filled with many emotions and countless questions.

It is a privilege to nursery child we welcome into nursery and to accompany them as they embark on the exciting journey of Exploration, Discovery and Learning.

About Beanstalk India

Beanstalk is a pre-school initiative started by JDKS Group, a well-known brand of schools in India. Having spent over 10 years in education industry, we are committed to educate children for life and thus bring a change in society.

At Beanstalk Early Learning Centre, we see the positivity in every child and aim to bring about the best in them. Through Activity and Experience based learning Beanstalk foster holistic development of your child.

We believe that every child has a different learning styles and pace.

Each child is unique not only capable of learning but also equally capable of succeeding.


Jatin Chawla
Director – Beanstalk World Preschool
Sec 32-33, Karnal, Haryana
India 132001